Custom 3d Modeling Services

Individual 3D Modeling Services

Can’t find what you are looking for in any of our galleries? You are at the perfect place to get exactly what you would like!

In addition to our Premier 3D Models Gallery, can aid in building 3D models specific to your requirements for your multimedia project, movie, animation, video game, magazine, website, 3D engineering animations (simulator), product showcasing and any other project which requires a digital 3D representation of an object or surrounding. We also offer rendering, animation and graphic design services.

Backed by strong technical knowledge, 3dmagicmodels team can provide excellent, high quality, custom models, which are visually appealing and realistic at the same time.

Individual 3D Modeling Services

Custom 3D Gaming Model Pack

Get 10 or more 3D Models for the Gaming Industry, developed completely according to your specifications! 

New platforms are increasing the demand for games in general and we are confident that 3D games will be an important part of the rising 3D Animation Market. The game industry is the largest consumer for 3D modeling and animation software today. The trend will continue to soar in future!

Custom 3D Gaming Model Pack can be used to develop a multimedia game or a video game in a jiffy since all the models will be ready to be integrated.

Custom 3D Gaming Model Pack

Custom Architectural Model Pack

Get 10 or more 3D Models for the Architectural Industry, developed completely according to your specifications!

In today’s world your clients are on the go… Custom 3D Architectural Model Pack can be used to develop a complete scene. This can then be delivered on a CD/DVD, posted on a website, uploaded to an e-catalog or a brochure downloaded to a PC, iPod, PDA, mobile phone as well as shown on a plasma TV in a sales office.

Use of 3D Architecture Models can create an impact that no-one else can! It is an immense experience unlike ANY other marketing tool! The client gets a clear imagination of each of the aspects of the project! Your vision reaches the client down to the smallest detail!

About Custom Architectural Model Pack