Custom Architectural Model Pack

Get 10 or more 3D Models for the Architectural Industry, developed completely according to your specifications!

In today’s world your clients are on the go… Custom 3D Architectural Model Pack can be used to develop a complete scene. This can then be delivered on a CD/DVD, posted on a website, uploaded to an e-catalog or a brochure downloaded to a PC, iPod, PDA, mobile phone as well as shown on a plasma TV in a sales office.

Use of 3D Architecture Models can create an impact that no-one else can! It is an immense experience unlike ANY other marketing tool! The client gets a clear imagination of each of the aspects of the project! Your vision reaches the client down to the smallest detail!

Models developed for this Architecture Pack will be over and above the ones in the online Premier 3D Models Gallery. No model from the gallery will be re-used in the Architecture Pack.

  • Models developed completely according to your requirements.
  • This pack should have a development requirement of at least 10 models. For developing fewer models, please see our Individual 3DModeling Service.
  • All the models will be excellent, high quality models.
  • Models will be sold with/without exclusive rights, as per your preference.
  • Requirements to re-develop models included in the online premier 3D Models Gallery, just for the sake of ownership, will not be entertained.
  • Reference images for the models to be developed, should be provided by you.
  • The cost of the Architecture Pack varies. It depends on the depth, complexity and exclusivity of the models to be developed.

What you gain?

  • Architecture being a huge faculty, we understand that not everyone has the time and bandwidth to create all the models for each project!
  • This Architectural model pack can be a ready repository of models for you. You pick and choose the ones you need for any project and the whole project will be complete in a jiffy!
  • Saves you time, energy and money in the long run.


  • Architecture models can be used by architects, builders, Interior Decorators, Interior Ideas creators for the design of exterior and interior views of their projects. They can create maximum impact on the minds of their clients and take their visualization to an amazing level.
  • These views can then be rotated 360 degrees, to create a complete view of the project from all sides.

Why should you choose

  • Excellent quality models at a reasonable cost.
  • High polygonal models for maximum clarity.
  • Experienced 3D Modelers make the experience pleasant and hassle free for you!

Return on Investment 

  • Money spent on 3D Models will prove to be the best investment made towards your business!
  • Time saved by outsourcing these models development, can help you focus on your core business and get maximum returns on it!
  • Get more projects done in less time!