Individual 3D Modeling Services

Can’t find what you are looking for in any of our galleries? You are at the perfect place to get exactly what you would like!

In addition to our Premier 3D Models Gallery, can aid in building 3D models specific to your requirements for your multimedia project, movie, animation, video game, magazine, website, 3D engineering animations (simulator), product showcasing and any other project which requires a digital 3D representation of an object or surrounding. We also offer rendering, animation and graphic design services.

Backed by strong technical knowledge, 3dmagicmodels team can provide excellent, high quality, custom models, which are visually appealing and realistic at the same time.

What You Gain? 

  • Technically Accurate Models.
  • Visually Appealing Models.
  • Extremely Realistic Models.
  • Custom Models are over and above the ones in the Premier 3D Models Gallery.
  • Models sold with/without exclusive rights (according to your preference).
  • Low Polygonal or High Polygonal Models (according to the requirement).
  • Value addition to the product by enhancing the look of the model with different textures, materials and various lighting and shadow effects.
  • Models will be developed exclusively for you.
  • Requirements to re-develop models included in the online premier 3D Models Gallery, just for the sake of ownership, will not be entertained.
  • Reference images for the models to be developed, should be provided by you.
  • The cost of Individual Custom Model varies, depending on the depth, complexity and exclusivity of the model to be developed.


Custom Models can be of utmost use to various industries like:

  • Movie Industry
  • Animation Industry
  • Architecture Faculty
  • Gaming Industry
  • Multimedia Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Product Showcasing

Why should you choose

  • Strong technical team for 3D Modeling
  • Rich Experience creates visually realistic models.
  • Experts in the animation field, make excellent & impressive models.
  • Courteous client interaction makes it a pleasant experience for you.
  • Perfect combination of expertise and creativity, creates the most accurate and appealing models.

Your Return On Investment 

  • Outsourcing the 3D Model Development can help you focus on your core business and get maximum returns from it.
  • Get more projects done in less time.
  • Hence, money spent on Individual Custom Models at will prove to be the best investment you’ve made!