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In this globalized economy today to make a successful business takes a global view and approach to leverage on the best opportunities available. This philosophy has been absorbed by most businesses these day and look at Offshore Staffing as a very good prospect in there constant efforts and ever devising strategies to cut costs. However, at Corporate Connect you not only cut cost but also we provide value addition by way of enormous experience for end-to-end application development and support services under its proven Offshore Staffing methodology.

3D modeling technology can be used in number of fields including movie industry for producing visual effects, engineering industry for 3D rendering of the latest devices, for creating computer games and even in medical industry for detailed visualization of organs. 3D design professionals can create a 3D model from just an idea as well as convert existing 2D design into 3D model. We offer you to 3D modeling services outsourcing. All the components of 3D modeling service such as 3D models, 3D modeling softwares are of high quality. The other benefits of 3D modeling services outsourcing are cost effectiveness and time saving due to skilled 3D professionals available at appropriate price.

Hire 3D Artist, 3D Modeler

Hiring 3D Artist you can talk directly to the person who is doing your work from the very beginning and can get the idea of your project as well as meet all your requirements. You can convert your hand-drawn sketches, drawings as well as design concepts into impressive 3D models. With a great attention to shape and texture, 3D artist will customize 3D models into any format using 3DS Max, Maya in accordance with your requirements. To hire 3D artists to work on your project means choosing high quality and personalized service.

3D Modeling Dedicated Team for Hire

This service offers you a dedicated team of professional designers working as a remote department of your company. With a vast experience in creating 3D visualizations and graphics, our team has all the necessary software to perform a professional work exclusively for you. You have an absolute control over the whole process including tasks, deliveries and changes in the project. The payment is made on bimonthly basis.

Offshore Staffing Benefits:

  • Engage highly skilled 3D modeling staff with very competitive costs.
  • Engage your in-house staff on more productive assignments focusing on your core competency.
  • Ensuring your contracted 3D Modelers meet set targets.
  • Save time on managing employees, firefighting attrition issues; avoid complicated labor laws and mitigate high labor costs and recruitment cost. This approx. renders savings up to 60%-70%.
  • Professional Project Managers who are very proficient in handling team and executing projects will report or interact to your designated manager on assignments and submit daily reports along with MagicWorks Manager who will enable quick decisions based on clients requirements.
  • Very short time to recruit 3D Modelers.
  • Various option of selecting the resources ideally suited to your needs
  • Low Total cost of ownership
  • Constant monitoring and feedback carried out by our Project Manager for increased efficiency and productivity
  • Assured customer satisfaction
  • Minimal risk and investment

The major benefit these offshore employees provide is the access to highly skilled human resources. In the countries like India, skilled work force is available at quite low cost as compared to other countries. Cost reduction is the greatest motivation the offshore staffing provides for most of the business owners especially the with effects of recession experienced by the global economy and at the same time as wages are increasing because of the limited human resources.

 Highlights of our Offshore Staffing Services

  • Pool of Technical competent and experienced resources always available for your instant and long term needs
  • You have an option of having full time / part time resources based on your needs
  • Ability to expand your team at short notice
  • Systems and processes in place and hence there is no adaptation time required and you start getting output from day one
  • Hourly and Monthly billing option available
  • We hire resources with excellent written and verbal English

How we do it? 

  • Based on Clients’ requirement we shortlist the candidates and conduct primary interviews following which client can make a final selection. This process will best meet your pre-defined criteria.
  • Price is quoted as per the technical level, designing expertise required, project scope and duration of the staffing required.
  • At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, working in conjunction with your team.
  • For you to monitor and control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can communicate directly by email, instant messenger or telephone we can communicate effectively so that the offshore team members can respond promptly.
  • We handle human resources, recruitment, payroll, and inclusive services for all offshore team members and as a part of HR services we monitor staff daily so you feel confident that your outsourced offshore staffs are working to fulfil your business objectives.
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