Custom 3D Model Request

Thank you for your interest in our custom modeling services. Our goal is to provide you with complete value for money. You get the best quality model at the best price. For Custom 3D Model Request following list of questions will help in reducing time and miscommunications in accomplishing our goal. This will provide us with an overall idea of the model(s) that you are looking for to generate a quotation for you and later, to build your model.

It is completely your preference whether you would like your models to be exclusive or non-exclusive. We would like to make it very clear that exclusive models would cost more than the non-exclusive ones.

To help you comprehend, exclusive models will be completely custom developed for you and sent to you. You will have 30 days to review your model and make any request for corrections, after which the files will be deleted from our system. Exclusive models, very clearly, will cost more than non-exclusive models, since they are being sold with ownership.

If you choose your model to be non-exclusive, then we will still develop it completely according to your requirements and send it to you. After this, the model can also be sold to somebody else or can be added to our Premier 3D Models Gallery, since the copyrights to this model are retained by the developer. While non-exclusive custom models will cost more than the ready models that we have, they are definitely more economical than the exclusive ones.

Please note that a custom-made non-exclusive model generally costs more than a model from the online Premier 3D Models Gallery and exclusives usually cost even more.

Please use this form only if you are serious about having a custom model made, so we don’t waste your time or ours preparing a quote.

To receive a free time and price quote please fill out the form below and be sure to describe the model you are looking for in detail using the box at the bottom. All fields are required.

By submitting this form you understand…

  1. We do not make free custom models.
  2. Custom models usually cost more than a model from our Premier 3D Models Gallery.
  3. Custom models usually take 2-6 weeks to build depending on complexity.
  4. That this form is for serious customers who are ready to pay for a custom model.